Persian Kitty Productions

photographic and video art studio



Here at Persian Kitty Productions, we create art to inspire emotion and promote thought with powerful erotic, alluring and provocative audio/visual art and poetry.


We are driven to push boundaries, changing perspectives and preconceived notions of what is defined as high quality tasteful art.


We feel very fortunate to be able to share our talents, skills and experience to help others to produce their own artistic vision.



Venus Moon

I started this company to share my  vision of sexually charged and powerful visual art and poetry. I am a digital artist, model, dancer, poet, singer, photo editor, stylist and make-up artist who is passionate about spreading love throughout the world with my own brand of captivating multi-media art.

I believe women should feel empowered by and revel in their sexuality. My purpose is to relay that strength in beauty in all my art.

Kiki duParre

Kiki is an artist, photographer, videographer, editor, songwriter and recording engineer. Kiki basically grew up with a camera in his hand and a love for showcasing  the beauty in whatever subject he is shooting. Kiki's grandfather, Edwin DuPar, (his camera work immortalized in the Smithsonian Museum) had a huge impact on him. Kiki's early exposure and innate fondness for the classic approach to film and photography provides a gorgeous depth of perspective reflected in striking final creations of fine art, glamour photography, art videos and music videos.

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Venus and Kiki
Venus Moon