Hi friends. I’m Venus Moon.Venus in Love Welcome to Persian Kitty Productions! Thanks for stopping by. I started this company to share my vision of sexually charged, powerful visual art and poetry. I am a digital artist, model, dancer, poet, singer, photo editor, stylist and makeup artist who is passionate about spreading love throughout the world with my own brand of captivating multimedia art. I believe that women should feel empowered by and revel in their sexuality. My purpose is to relay that strength and beauty in all my art.

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If you are offended by nudity, under the legal age to view such items, or not permitted by law to view, please do not continue… This website displays nudity and sexuality featured in a highly artful context.

All photography, videos, digital art and poetry are presented for purchase and for online viewing only. Any reproduction, sale or distribution without prior written consent is prohibited.


Big eyes in colored chalk

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